Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Costa Rica SHB Tarrazu Dota, City+ roast, February 2, 2008

After a hiatus of about 2 months, disassembling, relocation, arranging, re-arranging, assembly... I have roasted coffee once again.

And yesterday, February 4, after resting the roast, I pulled the first double-shot with the Linea. It tasted sour. I immediately thought to change the temperature it was then that I realized that the 'sourness' was not from wrong temperature but it was from the coffee's citrus-y/lemon-y flavor.


The crema was thick and billowy.

The aroma was chocolate-y, nut-y... of course, citrus-y.

It has been so long. Pulling successive shots just to get into the groove, I proceeded to make some Americanos for Jimboy.

I'm a lousy businessman but I can still pull a shot.