Wednesday, March 26, 2008


What is the function of a Forum?

For example, Forums that pertain to photography, automobiles, computers, cellphones, sex, lies and videotapes. And several hundred other categories.

I have viewed forum as a community of like minds to share ideas, solutions and to ask for help. As have others.

I have been told to use 'search' when I dared ask for assistance. As have others.

I have regarded these sort of persons as Assholes. As have others.

I then attempt to aid the original poster. As have others.

To these 'use search' Assholes, search engines are imperfect and can only respond to they keywords you type. If one fails to include a keyword, then the search will not return the desired results.

To these 'use search' Assholes, just shut-up if you do not want to help.

Go away.