Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Roger L. Kay, BusinessWeek Viewpoint: Apple's Icarus Effect

This had me scratching my head.

"...that snarky ad campaign, "I'm a PC. I'm a Mac."

No, I did not think it was snarky but I use Macs so it could be claimed that I am biased.

"It's little surprise then that reports of Mac viruses have been rising steadily."

Now this is interesting as I follow news about Apple in general, non-tech, non-Apple media and have not heard or read anything remotely resembling Roger L. Kay's statement.

"Pwnage threatens to help programmers bypass the controls and tolls Apple hopes to impose on any iPhone application created with the just-released software kit."

"As if there weren't already enough incentive to hack the iPhone, the 30% revenue "share" Apple will require for every application sold through the iTunes Store should do the trick." Most Apple developers blogs I have read are keen on the iPhone and generally agree that 30% that Apple charge developers is fair.

So who is Roger L. Kay? And why does he dislike Apple, Macs and iPhones? Perhaps he feels it threatens his Windows based business? And that he is too old a dog to learn new tricks, hence, his desire to destroy that which is a threat to his livelihood?

Who is Roger L. Kay? A self-described " of the computer industry's best-known market intelligence