Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Shaking With Rage

Fucking Religious Retards.

They were at it again last Monday.

I could not blog about it.

Everytime I tried to think to write I shook in rage.

I am a little calmer today. A little.

It started with music at past 4 AM. Yes. 4 AM.

It was not that loud if it was played at 8 AM. But at 4 AM, when the background noise is close to zero, it is loud.

I heard my Mom go out and confront the Freaktards. I remember there was light rain.

After that I could not sleep. Bad.

It was after breakfast that Mom confronted Freaktards again. Why the music in such an ungodly hour? The Pastor (he who rents and lives in the house) said it was his wife's birthday and their friends were seranading her.

Ohhh... isn't that nice? Fucking Four AM. That is really cute.

Mom blew her top off when the Freaktard Pastor turned his back saying they were discussing my Mom's disrespectful manners.

And, I flew into rage.

I went out, went in front of their house, SCREAMED at them to come out.

I was shaking in rage as I screamed, venting all my fury and frustrations at their fucking attitude.


The fucking Pastor said they were 'sorry'. I screamed at him that what's the use of saying sorry if they kept disturbing us? Over and over and over and over...

I remember the first time it happened: 10 PM, Mom went out to tell them (nicely) to be not so loud. Sorry the Freaktards said. About half an hour later Mom had to go out again and told them to shut up and used insulting (but not foul) language.

So last Monday everything came to a boil for me. I screamed at one hulking Freaktard staring at me asking if he wanted to cut my throat because he was looking at me is such a way. He did look like a thug. I challenged him, all of them, to a death duell out in the streets. Seriously. I kicked their gate to open it for them. My foot was useless against metal.


The fucking Pastor had the gall to claim it was the first time they had music so early.

Excuse me?

That Freaktard totally missed the point. It was not only about the music at 4 AM on that day. It was also about the other times they were noisy. It was about the other times they were inconsiderate. It was about the other times when they were evil.

The Freaktard Pastor conveniently forgot how many meetings they had in their garden, some of which lasting until midnight. In the subdivision where I live, after 9 PM background noise is low, so unless the Freaktards were having a quite conversation, they will be loud.

The Fucking Freaktarded Pastor made an attempt at historical revisionism. Fucking Asshole.

After I left (they would not come and fight to the death with me) they went to a City Councilor living nearby to complain.

Too bad for them Mom was there and shot down their fucking lies.


I am shaking in rage.


I hate flying into rage like this, it hurts physically. Besides shaking with rage my blood pressure shot way way way up, the area by my solar plexus was painful all the way through my back, I lost my appetite for the whole day, I dare not risk eat anything fried for fear of throwing up, my head hurt.

Now, am I like this with new neighbors?

Hell, no.

Coincidentally, the house to our right is also being rented by a family. They moved in about couple of years ago. And I, us, never had a problem with them. Kids? Yeah, kids will be kids but they never played loudly past 10 PM or at 4 AM. I may not like the idea letting the kids play on the streets at with little or no supervision but, hey, if it is fine with them, it is fine with me.