Friday, May 2, 2008

CNN Making Right Turn?

With the most interesting upcoming US Presidential Elections in a generation, I've been turning on daily to CNN's situation room with Wolf Blitzer and my favourite on-air curmudgeon, Jack Cafferty (he who refers to China's rulers as thugs).

I also like it when John King plays around with Jeff Han made display.


Following Situation Room is Lou Dobbs' show, which we is not shown in the Philippines.

But we get to see what Lou Dobbs topic for the day to be.

And it only struck me this week that he is: A) Trade protectionist; B) Defender & apologists to George Bush; C) Defender & apologists to Republicans; D) Nitwit.

I remembered Lou Dobbs before he left CNN and he was not like this. What on earth happened? Was it more lucrative to be a right wing hack?

And what is with CNN?

They seem to be more sensible than other US network news until Fox came along with their right wing blather and took the top rating crown from CNN.

Was it at this time that CNN thought more money can be had from right wing kooks rather than left wing hippies?

When I want to watch the human aspect to a news story, I turn to...