Monday, May 5, 2008

South Koreans In The Philippines

In the morning news on ANC a 'drunk foreigner' drove his car into a utility pole. An ABS-CBN news crew showed up. The 'drunk foreigner' did not want his ugly mug shown on national TV and tried strangling the cameraman to prevent it.

No, this was not some ugly western caucasian.

From his looks and his name, he is South Korean.

That made me recall the disdainful attitude these South Koreans have on us brown monkeys, or whatever they refer to Pilipinos behind our backs.

I recall the ruckus caused by a South Korean man made on a golf course here in Davao. Too bad for that jerk he tussled with a political big-wig.

I recall the ruckus caused by a South Korean man when he barred an inspection team from City Hall from entering the PAGCOR casino he was operating. A casino only for South Koreans operated by a South Korean. Strange... because it was illegal for a foreign national to operate a gambling franchise. Stranger still since it was an existing PAGCOR casino... now I wonder what wondrous arrangements were made.

I recall the ruckus they caused in Cebu when they used fronts to put tour operators catering to South Koreans to by-pass local tour operators.

I recall the ruckus they caused when it was found out South Koreans were illegally operating school (not even using locals as fronts).

Now, if these 'rich' and 'civilized' South Koreans find it beneath their contempt to let some smelly brown monkeys (or whatever they call us behind our backs) from seeing, tasting, smelling their money... what the hell are they doing in the Philippines?

Perhaps their stuck-up attitude has made them welcome in other parts of Southeast Asia...

And the Philippines is too poor and too dumb to care.

Is it time to hang some South Koreans by their testicles?