Sunday, June 22, 2008

Between Moronic and Idiocy

Don Reisinger feels veeery strongly about iTunes' success.

He thinks...
Apple's success with iTunes is the very reason we're being abused by the music industry
Gee... and all along I must have misread news report on how record labels hate iTunes and tried to choke it off with the usual suffocating DRM. But Apple would not relent, thus prevailed with a more liberal DRM (on the other hand... that is like saying an munitions maker coming out with a safer bullet).

He thinks...
if iTunes wasn't nearly as successful as it is, the music industry would be forced to find new ways to sell music.
Like how?

Singles on Blue-ray disc? Oh sure... people would love to pay $30 for ONE 4 minute song in high definition surround sound.

Rentals? Yeah... users fell head over heels on that one.

He thinks...
why would the record industry want to mess with a good thing?
Yep. Why would the record labels mess things up...? Like... oh... you know... allowing Amazon to sell more DRM free songs at a lower price... would it not jeopardized their take from iTunes?

He thinks...
The way I see it, purchasing songs on iTunes is only perpetuating our fight with the record industry and we're being forced into a situation where the more we buy, the worse it gets.
Right. I delare that we, the long suffering music-loving iPod users, will no longer purchase music from iTunes.

So there!

Wait... my music comes from my CD collection. And most iPod users don't buy form iTunes, according to news reports. Unless I misread those again.

Why doesn't he just buy those Kenny G CDs and convert it to whatever flavor-of-the-month-audio-codec is in favor at Microsoft?

Apple would ahppily embrace DRM free song for the simple fact that it greatly simplifies everything.

Unfortunately, Microsoft likes to discourse from its soapbox how much money content owners will lose without DRM. A message close and dear to content owners.

DRM is a little like the Prohibition, those who consume little alcohol won't miss it, those who can't live without alcohol find a way.