Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Coffee Adds Life

Ah... some good news.


Says it was based on a 24 year study (same study, I believe, that disproves the benefits of milk consumption) of 86,214 female nurses.

But I'm a man!


Researchers say it does not prolong life as much and that coffee appears to only cancel out the effects of cigarette smoking (I assume it includes pot?) and alcohol consumption and *GASP*... *PANT*... lack of exercise.

Data for men, based on an 18-year, 41,736 male veterinarians, pharmacists and other health workers, reveals coffee did not work on those with hanging balls, er..., men.

Then again...

It seems that 18 years and 41,736 pairs of hanging testicles is insufficient data... So there's hope yet.

I guess I'll take a cup of java for every shot of single malt. Just to be safe.