Friday, June 20, 2008

Olympus E-420

Olympus E-420.

I was happily ignoring this camera and this brand since I wanted a rangefinder for compactness and, at least, a APS-C sized chip.

Then I saw how small the damn thing is at Serious Compacts.

Oh la la...

I was thinking "who needs to afford overpriced, overhyped, overrated Leicas? And who cares if Cosina and Zeiss still avoid digital like it was plague".

Yesssireee... Olympus E-420 seems n i i i i i i ce... even if it doesn't have in-body IS, VR, OIS, SR... even thought the sensor is a 2x crop...

I looked up the lenses and it was nice to see Olympus seems to think fast lenses are still needed in this day and age of ISO 100-25600. And cheap, at least I thought it should be cheap since the lenses will be for a 2x crop sensor.

So I merrily went to B&H to check out the lenses.


Damn Olympus lenses are expensive... so very expensive. I thought Leica had overpriced lenses. I thought Nikon had very expensive lenses. I thought Canon had expensive lenses.

But Olympus has them beat... so bloody expensive...

Damn shame.