Monday, August 18, 2008

Don Reisinger: "How RIM can stop the iPhone onslaught"

Don Reisinger advises RIM on how to avoid being run over by the makers of iPod.

I have my own two Philippine cents worth of advise:

Do not, under any circumstance, ape Apple. You don't have Steve Jobs.

That means, RIM, your plans for a touch screen competition for Apple's iPhone will mark you as a wannabee, hence, a loser.

Not good.

Furthermore, RIM, you have been trashing touch screen typing since Apple announced the iPhone, so which idiots and what idiocies have compelled you to plan an iPhone 'killer' with a touch screen?

RIM, you are being inconsistent. Be thyself and steer back to your own true path. Or find yourself at the bottom of the barrel, fighting for meager share among other 'smartphone' makers.

Besides, iPod may have been a fluke and the iPhone market share may mirror that of Macs.