Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Another Day, Another Apple Event


Another Apple Event has transpired.

New iPod Nano form factor, new iPod Classic, new iPod Touch, new iPod Nano firmware... blah... blah...

Joshua Martin blogged, in the Yankee Group Blog, about 'The Core of Apple’s Problem'.

Item number one states: '... Apple cannot keep its new products a secret.'

Apple is damned if it does keep new products secret, and damned if it does not.

Well my devalued two cents worth says that: a) I will begin another list; b) iPod is declining in it's importance to the future of Apple; that c) that importance has shifted to the iPhone, which is in a much much larger product category with a much much bigger, brighter future; c) the apparent success of 'Made for iPod' program probably made it harder to police all that suppliers.

And since Mr. Martin is certain that it can no longer keep a secret, does he know what the redesigned Macbook and Macbook Pro look like? Will there be an iPhone 3G version 2.0 in January 2009 Macworld? Is there truth to the MacTouch tablet (ME ME ME I SAID IT FIRST! NOW I OWN THE TRADEMARK !)?

iPod Touch low price seems to indicate that: a) more lists; b) 64GB SSD is still way way way expensive; or c) 64GB SSD is way way way to big to fit in the iPod Touch; or d) Both B and C.