Thursday, October 2, 2008

Warren Buffett, Circa 2008

Hey! Are there any dot-com President/CEO/Visionary douche bags still out there?

The ones who referred to Warren Buffett as irrelevant, a has-been, a goner.

We'll, douche bags, Warren Buffett is raking in the money again. Or will soon be raking the money in.

First it was Goldman Sachs.

Now General Electric.

Both are tooting their horns as loud as they can that Warren Buffett is confident enough of their company to invest in them so they can raise more capital from suck, er..., less astute investors.

Less astute investors who haven't learned not to be lazy with due diligence and leave it to others.

By the way, from the news I've read, Warren Buffett did not perform due diligence on Goldman Sachs or GE.