Monday, February 23, 2009

Why Bother with the Physically Disabled?

At the local branch of a retailer/mall-builder, provisions were made parking spaces for the physically disabled.


And it was much appreciated and used by those with mental disability. I assumed the driver and passengers were mentally disabled as I failed to discern any physical disability that warranted their abuse of a reserved space.

The local branch of a retailer/mall-builder put an end to that by limiting access to the parking space that requires the cooperation of mall guards for access.

Of course, this does not prove to be a hindrance to the more severely mentally afflicted (re: political warlords).

In another retailer, this time the local branch of a furniture outlet, provided a different experience.

As I came to a stop I realized I was blocking access to the wheel chair ramp and promptly re-parked. The guard observed my moved and asked me to move back so that there would be enough space for another car to park.

I indicated that moving back would block the wheel chair ramp but the guard did not seem to comprehend that blocking a wheel chair ramp will diminish its utility.

In the end I just told the guard I would only take a peek and will not be for long.

In another location, at one of the numerous pawnshops dotting the city, the owners constructed a wheel chair ramp to comply with the law.

From the perspective of a skateboarder, skater, mountain-biker, BMXer that ramp is just about the right angle for their use.

The wheel chair ramp is rather steep, so much so I find it difficult to walk up or down the ramp.

They who are the Invisible People: the physically disabled.