Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Olympus E-P1

Finally an affordable inter-changeable lens, digital rangefinder !

It has HD 720p video recording ! It has image stabilization/vibration reduction ! It has HDR ! It has sensor dust cleaner !

Bravo Olympus !

This is the camera Panasonic should have produced, and not the G1, had it bravely ignored consumer surveys !

After years of longing after Epson RD-1 (soon to return as... RD-1Gx, whatever that means) and lusting after Leica's M8 !


Links to Olympus USA, The Online Photographer, DP Review and, for even more links, 1001 Noisy Cameras !

Post Script: It is disappointing to note that video is saved to AVI format and only digital image stabilization is utilized in video mode. Blast it !