Saturday, July 25, 2009

What is Palm thinking?

Palm's Pre and webOS has come and received wide acclaim.

Lauded for innovation and usability, even among fans of Apple.

But why did Palm resort to underhanded subterfuge in syncing with Apple's iTunes?

What manner of game does it want to play when it attempts to provoke Apple into a legal fight?

Is Jon Rubenstein so enraged at Apple and Steve Jobs when his desires for Linux based iPhone was rejected?

So enraged that for all his work on the Palm Pre and webOS, he is willing to undo it all to merely demonstrate that he his a much much clever man than Steve jobs & Co?

This is why Apple is succeeding, like Microsoft, Palm let itself be dictated and reduced to react to what Apple is doing instead of charting their own course.

Apple need not be the only game in town.