Sunday, January 7, 2007

The Traffic Lights, Davao City #1

Cost PhP140 million.

Supposedly with prime imported Canadian consultants.

Does not work.

I just wondered if they did a flow analysis on different hours on different season? By 'season' in Davao City that means: January to March, last quarter of the school year and before graudation; April to May, summer vacation; June to November, new school year; and December, Christmas buying binge. Now one might wonder why I base my humble inexpert opinion on when young 'uns can be locked up in school, because... that's what I noticed. Observations made over the years and it make sense to ME.

As to why expensive consultants and contractors failed to notice that fact, or just plain ignored it. Don't know, don't care since it gives me a good excuse to complain about it.

I also have an issue on the appearnace of those posts supporting The Traffic Lights, they look flimsy and cheap.

I also have an issue on how the traffic lights are timed. They weren't. Seems like it was left on default.

I also have an issue as to their placement. Along the stretch of Rizal St. from Legaspi St. to CM Recto St., there's only 2 traffic lights: Rizal corner Crooked Rd (one way towards San Pedro St) and Rizal corner CM Recto. Unfortunately, in my humble experience, the other intersections are just as busy, probably more so since they're 2-way and prone to bottlenecks. Rizal corner Anda St is where PUJs make a left from Rizal to Anda AND often stopping near the corner to embark/disembark passengers causing build-up. Other PUJs cross Anda to Legaspi St to make a left turn there and, of course, build-up also ensues as PUJs also stop near the intersection. THEN there's the taxis, sudden stops, swerving, u-turns in the middle of rush hour to get to a passenger. Also add delivery carts cum bicycles hauling crates of beers, moto-idiots (my #1 peeve, surpassing taxi and jeepney drivers), bicyclists taking up a lot of space...

Now, whoever planned this probably just made a cursory inspection IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT when there's no TRAFFIC to bother them. Or 'they' just rolled the dice to see which intersection gets the lights.