Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Philippine News Radio

This morning news on the radio of a missing Philippine Air Force SIAI Marchetti S211 Jet Trainer with two pilots on board caught my attention. Aviation related news always get my attention.

But the behaviour of the news anchor and the field reporter reinforces my opinion on how unprofessional local news people are.

It all started well enough with anchor opening that a PAF plane was missing and went to the field reporter for an 'in-depth'. The then anchor asked the field reporter if the plane in question is the reputed 'widow maker'. The field reporter seems unable to answer but will not admit to his ignorance, so he made some remarks I could not catch. The anchor then opined that the plane was probably the 'widow maker' and the field reporter made some non-commital remarks.

What caught my ire was the anchor made another remark that I did not understand and they both started laughing.


There are two persons missing. Two person, possibly, with families missing.

And these two idiots are laughing.