Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Duterte vs Nograles

Towards the end of September 2007 a local daily (don't recall which one) headlined a warning by Duterte (the Mayor of Davao City) against Apo View Hotel by way of Nograles (1st District Congressman). What the warning is about is irrelevant, in my opinion. So is the message between the lines, if it exists at all.

In my mind, then, it was nothing but the start of 2010 Mayoralty elections for Davao.

With Duterte laying the groundwork of succession by her daughter, currently the Vice Mayor. Perhaps what went on Duterte's mind is that Nograles (who is serving his last term as a Congressman) will run as Mayor in 2010 against his daughter and will defeat her. Now I do not know what rankles Duterte more: defeat of his heir designate; or Nograles becoming Mayor of Davao. Or both.

This November 2007 Duterte again attacked Nograles. Again, I think the issue presented is irrelevant. What is significant is the continuing demolition job by Duterte. Is it working? *Shrug*

As a footnote: I'm not rooting for either side.