Wednesday, March 5, 2008

This Is CNN...

We all have seen those scrolling text at the bottom of 'News' program.

'Ol Chicken Noodle Network (CNN) was late in the game. One would like to think that their tardiness was due to the desire to prepare and properly implement such, ah..., gimmick.

But it was not to be.

Consider this: "Greek Name Fury Threatens NATO Bid".

Yes, that is what was written.

I copied it. Carefully.

Again: "Greek Name Fury Threatens NATO Bid"

Most items are easy to understand, some take a little decoding.

For instance: "Liverpool Reject 800M Dubai Offer" took me a moment to decipher with a lot of help from the Sports News that was on at that time. Liverpool is a football club that Dubai, the country (or possible a Sovereign Wealth Fund, see? I AM BIZ HIP), wants to purchase for investment purposes.

This was a easier: "Arsenal Send Holders Milan Crashing Out". I now Arsenal is also a football club (soccer to you Yankee gringos), so Milan must also be a football team (from Italy). Apparently Milan 'holds' a title and Arsenal recently defeated them.

So I am not so dumb after all.

But this...

"Greek Name Fury Threatens NATO Bid"

Just leaves me dumbfounded...