Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Microsoft Provides USB Backdoor To Police

In this Seattle Times article, "Microsoft device helps police pluck evidence from cyberscene of crime", Microsoft has quietly begun distributing an USB thumb drive that can decrypt passwords, among it's many capabilities.

What if it gets stolen and replicated, sold in the blackmarket? Will Microsoft be able to remotely wipe out the copies?

Apparently, Philippine is among those that has receive this very very very valuable tool.

So tempting for blackmarketeers: tool to bypass security of an operating system in 95% of the world's personal computer; and a country regarded as possessing corrupt government enforcement agencies.

I wonder how much these thumdrives will fetch?

Oh my bad... I am not supposed to insinuate that the Philippine enforcement agencies are corrupt.

Very well... Philippine enforcement agencies are not intentionally corrupt, just naturally corrupt.

So, some copper needs moolah for a nights out with his favourite whore passes out the thumbdrive to an interested party for easy money. Done.

The damn article does not even attempt to explore the consequences it these drives are stolen, lost, misplaced, left in the crime scene (ironic).

No word either if it is a Windows only device, though it might be assumed that it is.

More reason to move out of Windows.

From Slashdot.