Friday, May 23, 2008

Fat Fry Fuel

Or biodiesel from spent cooking oil used in deep fryers.

Caught a BBC segment about a couple in Mexico on a long trip using nothing but used cooking oil.

This should rank up there with ethanol fuel as one of the dumbest environmental band-aids.

Some worthless questions from a man without qualifications and no redeeming quality:

1) How often will a greasy joint replace cooking oil?

2) How much used cooking oil is made available, i.e. thrown away?

3) Is there sufficient volume from questions #1 and #2 to provide the daily fuel requirements of, let us say 10%, vehicle population in a given community?

4) What happens if demand exceeds supply? Is cooking oil cheaper than petroleum? Yes it is, in Great Britain. However, British authorities frown upon using untaxed cooking oil as vehicle fuel. I do believe British authorities will tax you if caught.

5) Will fuel processors resort to unused cooking oil if demand exceeds the supply of used cooking oil?

6) Will fuel processors encourage production of cooking oil, made from plants, if demand exceeds available supply of unused cooking oil?

7) Will increase cultivation of plants intended for the manufacture of cooking oil lead to increase in deforestation, decrese in food supply, and increase food prices?

8) When will eco-weenies stop smoking LSD flavored with crack to realized how stupid and waste of time dreaming up impractical stuff like this?

Stop it now.

Again, it is the BATTERIES.



Is all.