Sunday, June 8, 2008

Adobe And Apple And Carbon 64-bit

I wonder, wonder if is still Adobe is angry? Infuriated? Steaming? Hopping mad?

Apple gave assurances to Adobe that there was to be a 64-bit version of Carbon APIs.

But it seems time was short due to resource constraint and a second look at it's mid- and long-term strategy, prompted Apple to cancel it. Now the way to go is with Cocoa framework.

And Adobe was around 9-months into coding CS4 to 64-bit Carbon.

Adobe will now have to sweat harder for a 64-bit version of CS4 for the Mac.

But I wonder if they are mad enough to end CS4 for Macs?

Not likely.

They have a nice monopoly on Macs as the only 'professional' graphics application, like in Windows, and with Macs increasing sales, not likely.


If they do, Steve Jobs has Aperture swinging over Adobe's head. The implicit threat there is Apple can and will fill the vacuum if Adobe decides to leave.

I remember when Adobe did not release a Mac version of Premiere software NLE.

Apple purchased an unfinished NLE from Macromedia that became Final Cut.

Adobe later released Premiere for Mac. Too late.

So no, Adobe will not make the same mistake again.