Sunday, June 8, 2008

I Give Up

It takes too long to dose 21-22g coffee versus 20g or 24g.

With 20g I just dose, distribute.

With 24g, I dose, distribute, tap, tap, tap..., dose, distribute.

And I can do it to within half gram, consistently.

With 21g or 22g... I need a scale every single time.

Takes too long.

I give up.

Oh, this is about putting ground coffee into a thingy that is then attached to an espresso machine to make coffee.

To coffee geeks, 20g tasted so-so. Subtle taste here and there... 24g, ah..., now that's the ticket. Taste erupts here and blows up there. I do not have to concentrate and thinking 'did I taste that or was it my imagination...?". But I was always afraid I will pop the screen in the grouphead since there is just way way way too much coffee...

Oh, well...