Thursday, June 5, 2008

So Where Was I...

I did not post a blog yesterday and not much the day before all because of this article (part II and III) and the comments.

And it was in the comments where I got mired in pursuit of little knowledge gem amid all the flame that took its toll on time. Comments for part II and III were much better, more signal than noise.

Peter Bright, in the article (or commentary or editorial or rant, according to some comments), tells us why Windows developing environment is full of mutually conflictiing, incompatible, creaky, old, jumbled, heaping pile of landfill. He contrasts it to where Apple got it right.

He is switching to Apple to program in, what he says, is a better developers environment.

Still, in the end, I think he still pines for The Ideal Developers Environment.

That exists Somewhere..