Monday, June 2, 2008

'WALL-E' Costs How Much??? And Other Tales Of How Pixar And Disney Are Getting Along

One Hundred Eighty Milliones Estados Unidos de Americanos Dollares.

And that's without really really expensive actors to do the voices. No offense to Sigourney Weaver and Fred Willard, who were the only one's I recognized in the list of cast.

New York Times has an article today on the current state of affairs between Pixar and Disney.

Interesting that Disney, and its CEO Robert Iger, recognized that to assimilate Pixar into Disney RIGHT NOW! would have been an expensive blunder.

A map was drawn (yes, m-a-p) on things about Pixar that would not change.

I think the map included a part where Disney would not force John Lasseter to wear a business suit and Mickey Mouse ears.

In some ways it was rather like a reverse take-over. Pixar President Edwin Catmull was put in charge of Disney's flagging animation studio.

Then again, this is Hollywood (babeeee...) and Pixar is only as good as its last blockbuster.