Sunday, June 15, 2008

Trouble With Steve Jobs

Apparently it was not due to a 'common bug'.

Neither did he have a relapse of pancreatic cancer.

Nor did it spread elsewhere.

Or the desire to match the thinness of Macbook Air.

According to a Fortune Magazine blog by Philip Elmer-DeWitt, Steve Job's hysteria inducing thinness (and envy among bulimic actresses) is the result of the surgical procedure he undertook, the Whipple Procedure.

The Whipple Procedure basically trims removes the cancer out (and some other parts of the digestive system as well) and re-arranges most of the stuff you need to digest food, to provide some semblance of functionality.

DeWit also suggested that Jobs tried 'alternative' therapies before having the surgery. Hard to believe the man running the most visible tech firm turning to woo-woo quakery. And I believe his desires to see his vision of an Apple 2.0 realized knocked enough common sense to abandon quackery.

For now.