Saturday, June 14, 2008

Ireland to EU: 'Screw You!"

Ireland rejects EU Constitution II, A.K.A. Lisbon Treaty.

No matter how the EU diced and chopped the EU Constitution and threw it into the Lisbon Treaty pot, it was, in essence, still the EU Constitution.

And still quite toxic to the denizens of EU.

So toxic that the other EU governments bypassed their dissenting citizenry and passed the Lisbon Treaty via parliamentary vote instead of a referendum. Including the UK, where anti-EU groups cried: "@#$%&*^)?{ !" to the EU and Gordon Brown.

So now the Irish called a perfumed, doled-up, gift-wrapped turd a Turd, will the EU let pass another year and serve up twice-left over EU Constitution to the ingrates that are the citizens of the European Union?