Sunday, July 20, 2008

On Zoning Issues

A local daily Editorial ragged some City Councilors who were complaining of a large construction.

One Councilor complained that the area has not been re-classified as a commercial zone.

Another raised the issue of infrastructure support.

Third voiced his concern about something I cannot recall.

The Editorial correctly pointed out that these concerns should have been raised
before the permit was issued.

Unless... the Councilors were busy on fact finding tour is some foreign tourist spot with no mean of communications. Like camping in Siberia.

Yes yes yes yes... valid issues all but why now?

And I remember that the people and companies behind the construction (another mall, I believe) went before the Davao City's investment board looking for tax breaks and such. And I know that the investment board has to have an approval voted by the City Council.

So why the hue and cry at this stage?

Really, why now?