Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Andy Rooney

I have recently read Andy Rooney's Out of My Mind (bought used and in very good condition), a collection of his essays and columns.

His musings on English was rather interesting to me.

For instance he pointed out that often those who use the following words do not know its meaning: Profane, Obscene, Vulgar.

According to Rooney, profanity is to degrade anything about religion, obscene is sexually related, and vulgar has something to do with bodily function.

Another point he makes is how he doesn't use mad in place of angry, just like his 'ole school marm taught him.

He does have a point, angry is an emotion while mad is a mental state- insane, if you will.

He feels baffled as to the function of the semi-colon.

He rails against editors and writers for their miserly use of the comma and why it is necessary in rapid understanding of a sentence. Bravo Mr. Rooney.