Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Book Sale

A Book Sale branch has opened nearby.


I went on a hard bound buying binge.

As of last week, I had six books waiting to be read: Katharine Graham's autobiography, Personal History; Julia Child's (and Alex Prud'homme's) My Life in France; Andrew Smith's Moondust: In Search of the Men Who Fell to Earth ; Christopher Lee's (no, not that Christopher Lee) 1603 a book about the events in the year... 1603; Aspirin: The Remarkable Story of a Wonder Drug by Diarmuid Jeffreys; The Strange Death of Tory England by Geoffrey Wheatcroft.

I am awaiting a further price reduction on a book analyzing General Robert E. Lee's real intentions at the Battle of Gettysburg during the American Civil War.

Right now, I am reading Frances FitzGerald's Way Out There in the Blue: Reagan, Star Wars and the End of the Cold War .

Science fiction selections were... bare.

Until a couple of days ago when I found a mother load of recently arrived science fiction books in, what I would refer to as, semi-hard bound. It's the size of a hard bound, appears to have similar quality of paper but without the hard cover.

I snagged Donald Moffit's Jupiter Theft; Jack Vance's Emphyrio; Michael P. Kube-McDowell's three part The Trigon Disunity: Emprise, Enigma, and Empery

Oh well... another 5 books added to the queue.

And... a semi-hard bound Patrick O'Brian's Master and Commander. That's another one in the queue.

A rather successful used book hunting week.