Friday, January 12, 2007

Davao Doctors Hospital #2

Yesterday, I had an interesting time recording rackets made by drilling on masonry. And bangings. And clangings.

Where? As the title suggests: Davao Doctor's Hospital.

So you're thinking looks like he's leading us to an even more grim angle... Yep!

It was the Maternity Ward of Davao Doctor's Hospital.

There was this lady who, I've heard, is recovering from a D&C. She's feverish and tired, by the looks of her eyes. And this DRILLING and BANGING and CLANGING was happening on the other side of the wall BEHIND her! I was miserable from the noise, I can barely imagine how it is for her. There were two other patients at the other end of the room and one has a child with her.

Sheeesh... I may not know it for a fact, but in all proabability, hospitals make verrrrry little in those wards. But to treat them like that...