Friday, January 12, 2007

Davao Doctors Hospital #1

I'm pissed off... really pissed off...

I've been circling Davao Doctors Hospital for almost an hour trying to find parking space. Nothing. None. Nada. I mean this hospital pretends to be the pre-eminent in medical care in the Davao City, hence, attracts... just about everyone because of it's reputed pre-eminence. But no parking. Nothing. None. Nada. I had to go home to the disappointment of my elder daughter who wants to see her new sister. I had to go home, she fell asleep while I wandered in circles trying to find parking. HELL! I even tried to find a place to park a block away! No Use!

Well I have bad news for you folks with cars wanting access to Davao City's reputedly pre-eminent medical facilities: NO PARKING!



And again: NO PARKING!

The owners seems to have their head deep in piles of thousand bucks bills... and why should they notice? They have RESERVED parking. I see lot's of construction going on and NOT SINGLE ONE IS FOR PARKING. And for good measure, they probably stuffed every orifice in their body with those thousand smackaroo bills.

Metro Manila may leave a vile and evil aftertaste but parking is available at hospitals. I've been to PGH and Cardinal Santos and was able to park. Yes I had to pay but I was able to park. P-A-R-K.

I couldn't even pay to park in Davao's reputedly pre-eminent hospital.

So. Calling anyone with 5 to 6 billion Pesos burning holes in their pocket: Come and build Davao's first MODERN medical facilty with PARKING. Not a patched up remnants from the Age of Antiquity.