Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Lousy ABS-CBN News Report

Last night, I caught a rebroadcast on ANC Business Nightly of a Shell PR effort repackaged by ABS-CBN as news.

I heard the reporter say that engines running on Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) emits no emission other than heat.

What ???

Combusting. Burning. Exploding. Emits. Emission.

Where the hell did this REPORTER get his facts? From the PR materials? Only? No checking? Still feeling good from all that free food and alcohol?

That this was a canned report of a press junket and a REBROADCAST to boot... no fact checking. In this day and age of internet by one of the country's largest media entity.


For those who would like to know better, search the internet. Too lazy? Start here here and here.