Wednesday, March 5, 2008

McCain And Clinton And Obama, Not In Particular Order

Polls like the ones compiled by Real Clear Politics. Show Obama beats McCain handily but McCain may beat Clinton.

It is widely assumed that after 8 glorious, fun-filled years of George W's wise and wonderful government, that Americans would be so tired and wrung-out that they'd elect ANYONE, ANYTHING with the word 'DEMOCRAT' stamp on its head.

But why does Clinton fail to beat McCain? This polling 'trend' has been rather consistent for a while now.

Well. Americans might refuse to acknowledge the reason why one Hillary Rodham Clinton will have difficulties winning against one John Sidney McCain III: because she is a woman.

You read it right. I'm calling Americans Sexists. You damn Norte Americano Yankee Gringos do not want a President that wears skirt.

So take note American males proudly wearing your Scottish heritage who dares to dream to be The Presient of The United States of America: Americans will not vote anyone who wears kilts, er...., skirt.