Wednesday, March 5, 2008


8:00AM March 04, 2008.

Rush hour traffic is usually bad. Today it was backed-up one intersection and that makes it terrible. Usually, an accident at the intersection ahead would cause it but as I passed that intersection, no accident.

My wife suggested they may have closed the other bridge but I pointed out the traffic from the road linking to the other bridge was light.

As we crawled along my eyes wandering from mirror to mirror I caught sight of a small dump truck I passed just moments. It was full of people sitting on plastic chairs, I thought I caught sight of a couple of men in Barong. Must be a wedding party, I thought. And it stopped just as it got on the bridge with no apparent mechanical trouble. Just stopped. Blocking one of the two lanes increasing the log jam. Another glance and I saw why it stopped, it was waiting for a couple of people to catch up who wanted to hop on.


Further on, at the intersection where I turn left I saw the cause of unusually heavy traffic. It was a Motorcade.

A stupid Motorcade during rush hour.

A stupid Motorcade during rush hour on one of the two busiest roadways in the city.


Incidentally, that STOOPID dump truck? Seems it was part of the STOOPID MOTORCADE.

But I tried forgetting that.

Then about 2 PM another motorcade sped past me, by some school fraternity celebrating a non-event.

Yes, it too, caused traffic jam.

But this one was more STOOPID of the two. This one actually delayed a 911 Unit from reaching its destination 10 meters away. The 911 driver could not stop there as it would cause even more traffic and there was just no space.

Because of the traffic.


Things rather lurched here and there finally allowing the 911 Unit to make a turn and park and reach the distressed person.

Side note: a Motorcycle Cop was there. Motorcycle Cop did not make the effort to help 911 Unit by directing traffic. Motorcycle Cop looked busy trying to find a way to get out of the traffic. Let me tell you where I think the Motorcycle Cop was in a hurry to do: *Smirk* but I cannot without evidence. Motorcycle Cop finally had space and made a U-Turn, speeding away from the scene. In front of many many people.